Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Short Term Car Insurance Under 25 and Insurance Policies for You to Know

For your information, that young drivers are need to have short term car insurance under 25, there might be something that you don’t understand about the insurance itself and other explanation of it, then pay attention at this following paragraph that will tell you more about short term insurance for young drivers.

Specific Age of Short Term Car Insurance Under 25

Young drivers who will have short term car insurance under 25 and in the specific age of 17 and 40 can apply for inclusive insurance for practicing driving through someone else’s car. Policies will last for between 7 days and 140 days and it taken out in the learner’s name, so any accident that probably happen should not alter the owner’s no claim bonus.

Short Term Car Insurance Under 25 Conditions You Must Follow

Here are the conditions you must follow; the car has to be owned by someone else, remained taxed, insured by the learners and MOT’d throughout the insured period. The learners must be accompanied by someone aged between 25 and 72 who held a full driving license for a min. 3 years and legally capable of taking the wheel on public road if needed. The vehicle to be insured must not have a value of more than £25,000. In this type of short term car insurance under 25 means that you can get valuable and cost-effective experience in someone else’s car.

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